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Hunting the Tabor?

My latest books are ready to pre-buy.

One for the children and one for those who like a bit of historical romance.

Tabor the Terrierble: The Dark Knight is book 2 in a series of rhymes (yes there will be others), for children of all ages between 1 and 100!

In this one, we follow Tabor as he gallops his way through Mediaeval history, slaying dragons, rescuing maidens and chasing monsters!

And no dragon, maiden or monster was harmed in the writing of this book!

Water colour illustrations by yours truly decorate the pages of a book all about my little own little wire fox terrier who really is as entertaining as I have portrayed him!

I am very pleased with this book. The first one, I felt was a little too pale in printing and we have now ironed that out at the printers. Off you go Tabor, best paw forward!

Get it here.


The second one is for all of you who loved Forceleap Farm, my first *romance*. This one is all about Mediaeval astrology. I admit that I don’t write slushy, bodice ripping, dead sexy stuff. I am primarily a mystery writer and it shows. This book too has a mystery at its heart and our two protagonists must battle murder, blackmail and feuding to be together.

Hunting the Wren has at its heart early folklore and Mediaeval tradition and is for those who like a bit of magic with their murder!

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