Susanna M. Newstead News Going childish – Tabor the Terrierble.

Going childish – Tabor the Terrierble.

Tabor, as you all know is my now, three year old wire haired fox terrier.

How time flies! In this photo he was a few months old.

I have always wanted to write and illustrate a book for children and at last after 40 years…I have done it. Last Christmas I published my first children’s book…all about Tabor and his antics.

And I am about to do it again.

Tabor’s kennel name, the one under which he’s registered is Selvina, Dark Knight, Tabor.

And so book two has to be about Tabor being a knight (maybe not in shining armour – I doubt I could get him to wear it,) but performing all those feats usually associated with knights of old.

It will be out on March 18th 2021 in good time for Easter. No calories, no evil effects of chocolate, so much better for children than Easter eggs. It will make the perfect present.

Of course it’s not just for children. Anyone from 9 months to 99 would enjoy it. As one Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Susanna has done an amazing job writing and illustrating this delightful book about her Wire Fox Terrier, Tabor.
Fox Terriers are extremely intelligent dogs and Tabor absolutely loves going on gardening adventures with Daddy portrayed in the book.
It’s poetically written, and is fun for all ages.
I bought this book for a 74 yr old lady for Christmas who, I may add owns a Fox Terrier.
Her comment “Best Christmas present I’ve had this year !” AH

Get it from me signed, £8 ($11.20) plus P&P. (

Unsigned from Amazon

or good bookshops or signed by me, from the charity the Wire Fox Terrier Association, £10 plus P&P worldwide.

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