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A Blacksmith’s Tale

Fancy a little dip into the 13th century this Christmas?

Then join Guy Ferrier, the eponymous blacksmith in my latest book in the Kennet Valley Tales, The Harmonious Blacksmith.

Why is Guy harmonious? Well he’s good at making up songs and he has the most luscious bass voice. It gets him into trouble though.

Work your way through The Harmonious Blacksmith and you’ll see why. How is he to get out of the pickle he’s in? And how is he to achieve his desire of finding himself a wife?

And why the title?

Well, George Frederick Handel (1685-1759) wrote a series of variations on a tune which, it’s said he had heard when passing a blacksmith’s forge somewhere. The blacksmith had been whistling it and George memorised it and set it down on paper when he got home.

It became the piece known as The Harmonious Blacksmith.

And I have borrowed it for my title.

A simple little title for a simple little tale.

Perhaps…or not as the case may be.

Get to the end and you’ll see.

Available at Amazon worldwide and at all good bookshops.

And for those who want to hear what it sounds like….

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